How to Pay Uniuyo School Fee using Remita

Here is a quick tutorial on how to pay the University of Uyo school fee using the Remita platform.

step 1:
Get a pc. Visit the Uniuyo student portal at

step 2
Enter your reg number and password. then click on the login button

paying uniuyo fee with remita

step 3
On the page that loads up. Click on the pay fees link as shown on the image above.
If you prompted to update information, just change your level to the correct one and click on update.

step 4

Click on continue…

step 5:
Select the payment type as shown below. And click on “Pay via Remita”.

how to pay uniuyo fee

A confirmation page showing the break down of fee comes up. Just scroll down and hit click the confirm button.

step 6:

uniuyo school fee step 6

Click the pay now button.

step 7:
On the new page. Copy down the RRR number.
No, seriously. copy down that number!

uniuyo school fee payment

Then select your payment type and click the submit button!

A page containing the above text will show up for a few seconds… Just relax and wait.

step 8:

  • The payment plat form loads up. Enter your ATM card number (that 16 digit number in front of the card)
  • The CVV number is that 3 digit number at the back of the ATM card
  • Enter the name on the card…(exactly as it’s written on the ATM)

step 9:
Clicking the OK button above will open the page below.

The above is the verifcation page. A 6 digit PIN is sent to the phone number associated with the used ATM. Simply enter the the 6 digit OTP in the space provided as shown above!

step 10:

On clicking on the submit button. You should get the “Transaction Successful” Notification.
Click on the black text below it to print out your receipt.

uniuyo school fee remita




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