DOs and DON’Ts Of Uniuyo Screening (Written)

 DOs and DON'Ts  Of Uniuyo Screening (Written)
DOs and DON’Ts Of Uniuyo Screening (Written)

Do you know how long before the exam you have to arrive? Are you allowed to use the toilet during the exam? What do you do when you have finished the examination? You will find all these answers and more in this section.



Before the exam


  • arrive at the examination venue 30 minutes before the start of the exam;
  • sit at the desk directed by the invigilator;
  • place your Required examination particular i.e the items you are required to bring to the venue on your desk. This will be checked by invigilators during the exam so should be clearly visible and placed face-up;
  • mobile phones and/or electronic devices must be switched off prior to entering the hall and placed in your plastic wallet;
  • they must NOT be in your pockets. It is an exam offence to touch/look at a phone in the exam hall or for a phone to make any noise at all;
  • check the front cover of the exam paper (if it is given)  to make sure that you are taking the correct examination;
  • add your personal details to answer/question paper (if it is given) as directed on question paper;
  • if you have any queries then you should raise your hand and wait for an invigilator.


  • speak to other candidates once you have entered the examination venue. It is an examination offense to talk to other candidates once you are in the exam hall. This includes after you have handed in your paper;
  • open the question paper until told to do so. You may read the front cover of the exam paper to check the module code, title and details (if an exam paper is given).

During the exam


  • write clearly and in English.
  • do all rough work in the answer booklets provided and cross through if you do not want it marked;
  • raise your hand if you have a query, feel unwell or require more stationery;
  • ensure all details have been completed and then raise your hand and an invigilator will collect your script if you wish to leave early- please note you may not leave in the first hour or during the last 15 minutes of an exam;
  • for exams longer than 90 minutes only. If you decide to leave your exam early (after 60 minutes and before the last 15 minutes only) you must ensure all details have been completed on your answer book, then raise your hand and an invigilator will collect your script.


  • leave the exam venue for any reason for examinations that are 90 minutes long or less.
  • You will not be permitted to go to the toilet in the first 60 minutes and/or the last 15 minutes of your examination, except in exceptional circumstances.
  • YOU MUST NOT USE correction fluid, tape or pens to erase work, just put a line or a cross through anything that you do not want to be marked.

At the end of the exam


  • ensure that you have completed the front page of the answer book;
  • remain at your desk until your script has been collected by an invigilator and you have been told that you may leave;
  • leave the examination venue quickly and quietly and remember to take your personal belongings with you.


  • continue to write after the exam has finished. It is an examination offence to continue to work after the announcement has been made, you must stop writing immediately;
  • take the exam paper or any used or unused answer booklets with you outside of the examination venue. It is an examination offence to remove any exam papers or exam stationery from the exam venue;
  • disturb other students who are still working. It is an academic offence to talk inside the exam venue;
  • talk until you are well away from the examination venue – you should be aware that other exams may be continuing.


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