Instructions During the Uniuyo Aptitude Test

Most times, candidates come into the Uniuyo screening test halls with no idea of what the exams will be like hence the orientation given to them before the test never really sinks.

 Here are some instruction that you should be aware of in the hall:
1. Come to the campus by 7.30 am, so that you can locate your venue/hall in time.
2. Ensure that you Write and shade you JAMB registration number and name with a HB pencil immediately
3. Write and Shade the Day, Slot, Program code (look at the code from the back of your answer sheet), JAMB Score (where necessary) and State of Origin.
4. Shade the subjects you wish to take and properly shade the answer you think is right (A, B, C, or D). Note: Do not just cross the box or put a dash on the box but shade it completely


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