Uniuyo Post UTME Subject Combination (2017/18 Version)

This page contains the most recent Post UTME Subject combination for all courses in the University of Uyo. Updates will be made if anything changes.

Yesterday I saw a leaflet been circulated around UNIUYO town campus. A section contained what was titled Uniuyo Post UTME subject combination for 2017 Post UTME screening.  Going through the courses listed and combination stated to be the correct combination, I discovered a lot of errors.

The public should be aware that Jamb subject combination for a particular course is not automatically the same with what would be written in the University of uyo Post UTME screening.
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In our bit to help minimize the effect of this publication, We will be compiling the official and correct Uniuyo Post UTME subject combination on this very page. You should bookmark this page, Come back tomorrow morning and the correct Uniuyo Post UTME subject combination shall be waiting for you!
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Uniuyo Post UTME Subject Combination

SCIENCEAnatomyPhysiologyBiochemistryEnglish, Biology,Chemistry, physics
PHARMACYPharmacyEnglish, Biology,Chemistry,Physics
AGRICULTURECropScienceEnglish, Biology,Chemistry,Maths.
Agric Econs.&Ext.
Animal Science
FoodScience& Technology
Soil Science
Home Economics
4SCIENCESStatistics/MathsEnglish, Chemistry,Physics,Maths.
Computer Science
ZoologyEnglish, Biology,Chemistry,Physics.
ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIESArchitectureEnglish, Physics,Mathematics, Geography
BuildingEnglish, Mathematics,Physics,Chemistry
EstateManagementEnglish, Economics,Geography,Mathematics
Fine& Industrial ArtsEnglish, FineArts, Economics,Government. (Two/Three Dimensional Art, Drawing,Art Theory).
GeoinformaticsEnglish, Mathematics, Geography,Economics
Quantity SurveyingEnglish, Mathematics, Physics,Chemistry
Urban&RegionalPlanningEnglish, Economics, Geography,Mathematics



Elect./Electr. Engineering 


English, Chemistry,Physics,Maths

Computer Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
ARTSLinguisticsEnglish, LiteratureIn English, Crk, Govt.
Communication ArtsEnglish, LiteratureIn English, Crk, Govt.
History& InternationalStudiesEnglish, History,Econs, LiteratureInEnglish
FrenchEnglish, French,Crk, Lit InEnglish
Religious&CulturalStudiesEnglish, Crk, Lit In English, Govt.
PhilosophyEnglish, Govt.,Crk, Lit In English
MusicEnglish, Music,Crk, Lit. InEnglish.
Theatre ArtsEnglish, LiteratureIn English, CRK, Govt.
LAWLawEnglish, LiteratureIn English, Crk,Govt.
BUSINESSADMINISTRATIONAccountingEnglish, Econs, Maths&Government
Banking&FinanceEnglish, Maths,Econs&Govt.
EDUCATIONBusinessEducationEnglish, Maths,Econs&Govt.
Library Science(a)English, Biology,Chemistry, Maths.
(b)English, Govt, Econs,Crk
(c)English, Literature,Crk,Econs
Efik-IbibioEnglish, Literature In English, Crk, Govt.
FrenchEducationEnglish, French,Crk, LiteratureInEnglish.
AgricultureEducationEnglish, Chemistry,Biology,Maths.
ReligiousEducationEnglish, Crk, Literature InEnglish, Govt.
Chemistry EducationEnglish, Chemistry,Physics,Maths
EnglishEducationEnglish, LiteratureIn English, Crk, Govt.
10EDUCATION(CONTD.)MathematicsEducationEnglish, Maths,Chemistry,Physics
HomeEcons.EducationEnglish, Biology,Chemistry,Maths.
Pre-Primary/Pri Edu.(a)English, Biology,Chemistry,Maths
(b)English, Econs, Govt,Crk
(C)English, LiteratureInEnglish, Crk,Econs
Geography EducationEnglish, Econs, Geography,Govt
Political ScienceEducationEnglish, Econs, Govt,CRK
EconomicsEducationEnglish, Economics,Maths, Govt.
Physical EducationEnglish, Chemistry,Physics,Maths
FineArts EducationEnglish, FineArts, Economics& Government.(Two/Three Dimensional Art, Drawing,Art Theory).
Special Education(a)English, Biology,Chemistry,Maths
(b)English, Govt, Econs,CRK.
(c)English, Literature,CRK, Econs.
Physical EducationEnglish, Biology,Chemistry,Maths
Social StudiesEdu.English, Econs, Govt,CRK.
Integrated ScienceEducationEnglish, Biology,Chemistry,Maths
Biology EducationEnglish, Biology,Chemistry,Maths
Health EducationEnglish, Biology,Chemistry,Maths
Guidance&Counseling(a)English, Biology,Chemistry,Maths
(b)English, Econs, Govt,CRK
(c)English, LiteratureIn English, Econs,CRK
History EducationEnglish, History,Econs, LiteratureInEnglish
Technical EducationEnglish, Chemistry,Physics,Maths
Computer ScienceEducationEnglish, Maths,Physics, Econs.
SOCIALSCIENCESEconomicsEnglish, Economics,Maths,Government.
Geography&RegionalPlanningEnglish, geography,Economics,Government.
Political Science&PublicAdmin.English, Government, CRK,Econs
PsychologyEnglish, Biology,Economics,Government.
Sociology&AnthropologyEnglish, Econs, CRK, Govt.
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