Uniuyo Faculty of Clinical Science

The Faculty of Clinical Sciences is one of the two initial Faculties that the College of Health Sciences started with.
It was established in the 2001/2002 academic year with the broad objective to award the core degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MB, BS) to successful students.

It was established in preparation to receive the first batch of Medical students then undergoing their Basic Medical Science studies in the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences.
The Faculty of Clinical Sciences has the following aims and objectives :
(1) To produce high calibre medical and dental graduates who shall be well equipped mentally and socially to practice medicine/dentistry(conscientiously) in our environment and anywhere in the world.
(2) To produce Medical doctors who shall work effectively in the health team and assume leadership roles when necessary.
(3) To be effective health advocates for the needs of the community.
(4) To be knowledgeable in health polices, health planning and management and global health issues.
(5) To be capable of conducting independent research.
(6) To be able to benefit from further specialist or medical scientific training in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world.
(7) To produce graduates and postgraduates in the various specialties and subspecialties of Clinical Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology and the related discipline of Dentistry.

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