Uniuyo Denied Accreditation for Efik/Ibibio and Pharmacy

Update: University of Uyo Pharmacy programme now has full Accreditation – Read full News Here

Just so you know, The recently published NUC Accreditation Result shows that University of Uyo, Uniuyo Accreditation for the following courses has been withdrawn.

  1. Efik/Ibibio
  2. Pharmacy

The Uniuyo Efik/Ibibio course was first given interim Accreditation in 1990. Upon revisit in the just concluded exercise. The Nuc concluded that the programme failed to satisfy the BenchMarks Minimum Academic Standards, BMAS. So Accreditation was denied,

The Uniuyo Pharmacy programme has been struggling with Accreditation issues since its inception in 1999 with an interim accreditation. Accreditation was denied in the 2005 Accreditation exercise. In 2009, it’s interim accreditation was reinstated only to be denied in the latest exercise.

When an academic programme has denied accreditation status, the commission informs the vice chancellor of the University concerned in writing stating the reason for denial and steps to be taken to bring the programme up to the BMAS for full accreditation.

Efik / Ibibio InterimDenied

View the full Accreditation Result Here

What is Denied Accreditation?
Denied Accreditation applies to any degree or academic programme which has failed to satisfy the approved BenchMarks Minimum Academic Standards, BMAS

What is Interim Accreditation?
This granted to a degree or academic programme that has minor deficiency that must be rectified within a stipulated period.

What is Full Accreditation?
This granted to any degree or academic programme that has satisfied the provisions of the BMAS. Full accreditation is granted for 5 years with a mid term appraisal after 3 years.

What is BMAS?
BenchMarks Minimum Academic Standards BMAS is a document that provides the basis for the accreditation of all degree programmes taught in Nigerian Universities, Uniuyo inclusive.
Here is a snapshot of the Official Uniuyo Contact details:

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