The Ultimate Guide To Making Money On Campus

The Ultimate Guide To Making Money On Campus
The Ultimate Guide To Making Money On Campus

It is ‘Hunger Season’. Heralded by the announcement of economic recession that Nigeria has entangled herself with. It is difficult for an average Nigerian but how much more a Nigerian student that lives almost  ‘parasitic’ life? Depending solely on his/her parent for monthly stipends, which may not come regularly as it supposed to. If this is you, how will you survive? Hunger knows no mercy, and it will use it painful whip on your stomach, unless you do something. We recommend this rosland capital review for more insight on investing.

That’ something’ is your ability to stay financially independent, thus ensuring a steady flow of cash and at the same time. living comfortably on campus, which will sustain your academic life in the long run. Are you ready? Okay! the visit and start using this fx trading at VT markets.

Maybe after reading the remote bookkeeping reviews, you would have not thought about this before, but have you ever considered investing in gold? Believe it or not this is always a great investment and it will increase your wealth over time.

Apply for new scholarships and grants

Most students are unaware of the wide arrays of scholarships and grants that are available for students. From freshers to final year students, there are several varieties of scholarship tailored for you as long as you have fulfill certain criteria e.g having a specific CGPA, ethnicity, department or even career plan.

You can begin now by searching on the internet. website like myschoolnews, ofa, nucs, scholastic and many others are student-friendly and up-to-date.

You can also check the school bulletin boards occasionally for more tidbits. You can also take a look online for additional revenue streams like funfair wallet.

Become a tutor

The best way to learn is to teach, and the best way to teach is to learn. Get that? Becoming a tutor is a valuable way to improve your understanding in that subject, offer great service to others while earning cool cash! Everybody wins!

Advertise your services as a tutor to your fellow course-mates. You can even bring your work home if you choose to teach as an online sat math tutor.

Get paid to proofread essays and term-papers

If you are a splendid writer, this would be an easy catch for you. You can improve your reading and writing skills by proofreading your course mates or roommates’ work for a fee.

Spread the word among your friends and course mates and post fliers to make your services known.

N.B proofread doesn’t mean engage in plagiarism o!

Get paid for utilizing your  strong typing and computer skills

The university is one place filled with backloads of academic work with deadlines, and these works  are usually submitted in a well-typed form. Most students will patronize those they fill they can engage ,trust and supervise than pesky computer operators in issues concerning academic work.

So if you are a fast and accurate computer typist and possess a handy PC, it is time you improve your typing skills while helping other students for cash.

Enter competitions

Around campus is littered with posters and leaflet, inviting you to essay or other quiz competition, brace yourself and take the challenge. Most of these competition comes with exciting prize money and mouth-watering gifts. Why starve when you’re around plenty of fishes? 😉

Even if you don’t win, you will learn, gain experience, network and feel even more accomplished.

Check the school notice-board or browse online for competition news.

University work scheme

Most universities like uniuyo, launch on-campus work scheme, to engage indigent student to productivity, while ensuring monthly flow of stipends to their pockets. In this scheme, student  are employed on part-time basis and are catered for.

Visit the department of student affairs for more information.

Sell your textbooks at the end of each session

That bulky textbook you grumbled about it’s high cost and you eventually bought, hope you know you can get good chunk of the money at the end of the session? how? Sell it!

But for this to work, you need to take effective care of your books, avoid ‘dog ear’ or  marking each page indiscriminately. Tender for them like an igbo man cares for his wares! This will improve your odd of fetching great price for those bundles of knowledge.

You can approach freshers or your junior colleagues, to offer them for sales.

Offer laundry services

The university is a microcosm of the larger society. A small but vivid and realistic representation of the world today. There are lazy students, messy students and busy students. This group would need the service of washing from time to time.

If you’re industrious and you don’t mind doing these tasks, you can offer your services, for good pay.

Open a salon in your dorm room

If you’re talented in hairdressing, barbing, make-up or pedicure and manicure. Consider advertising your services to students especially before huge events like matriculation, freshers’ nights or valentine day.

You can offer these services at a price lower than local salons around, so it will be affordable to students, and if you hire someone to help you can manage the payments with a paystubs portal online. You will still be making profits.

Final Note: Make your academics your priority. The important reason for being in school is to acquire better qualification for stronger career prospect, so do not be distracted by these event.

Always, as a matter of fact, keep every business legit. Don’t ruin your future because of  easy money.



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