An Average Student Vs An Outstanding Student

An Average Student Vs An Outstanding Student
An Average Student Vs An Outstanding Student

An Average Student Vs An Outstanding Student- An average student in all ramifications is different from an outstanding student, character-wise and academic-wise. Just as an orange is different from an apple, in taste and color, there is nothing similar between these two students. They may attend the same classes, offer same courses, have mutual friends, but still the gap that differentiate them transcends those common ground.

Below are some behavioral features that typically differentiate between an ‘Average student’ and an ‘outstanding student’:

An outstanding student

ATTENDANCE/ PUNCTUALITY: Outstanding students have as good as a  perfect attendance with the habit of being punctual to lectures. They have an intrinsic commitment to the class, which they treat as  high priority that defeats every other events.

PREPARATION: Outstanding students are always ready for lectures. They always read the assignment. Their attention to detail is such that they occasionally can elaborate on class examples.

CURIOSITY: Outstanding students show interest in the class and the course. They research or dig out what they don’t understand. They often ask interesting questions or make thoughtful comments.

RETENTION: Outstanding students have retentive minds and practice making retentive connections. They are able to connect past learning with the present. They bring a background of knowledge with them to their classes. They focus on learning concepts rather than artless cramming.

ATTITUDE: Outstanding students have a winning attitude. They have both the determination, resilience and  self-discipline necessary for success. They show originality. They do things they have not been told to do.

TALENT: Outstanding students demonstrate a special talent. It may be exceptional intelligence and insight. It may be unusual creativity, organizational skills, commitment – or a some combination. These gifts are evident to the teacher and usually to the other students as well.

EFFORT: Outstanding students blend their effort to the demands of an assignment.

COMMUNICATIONS: Outstanding students place a high priority on writing and speaking in a manner that conveys clarity and thoughtful organization. Attention is paid to straight to the point and sense of completeness.

RESULTS: Outstanding students are the  “A” students , they make high grades on exams and tests- usually the highest in the class. Their work is a pleasure to grade.

An Average Student

ATTENDANCE: Average students are often late and miss class frequently. They put other priorities ahead of academic work. In some cases, their health or constant fatigue renders them physically unable to keep up with the demands of high-level performance.

PREPARATION: Average students may prepare their assignments consistently, but often in a hasty manner. Their work may be sloppy or careless. At times, it is incomplete or late.

CURIOSITY: Average students seldom explore topics deeper than their face value. They lack vision and bypass interconnectedness of concepts. Immediate relevancy is often their singular test for involvement.

ATTITUDE: Average students are not visibly committed to class. They participate without enthusiasm. Their body language often expresses boredom.

EFFORT: Average students are capable of sufficient effort, but either fail to realistically evaluate the effort needed to accomplish a task successfully, or lack the desire to meet the challenge.

COMMUNICATIONS: Average students communicate in ways that often limit comprehension or risk misinterpretation. Ideas are not well formulated before they are expressed. Poor listening/reading habits inhibit matching inquiry and response.

RESULTS: Average students obtain mediocre or inconsistent results on tests. They have some concept of what is going on but clearly have not mastered the material.

In the world of An Average Student Vs An Outstanding Student  which do would you want to belong?

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