A Guide To Picking An Ideal Course In UNIUYO

JAMB UTME registration would begin soon, and there are over 8000 courses in jamb brochure. Out of these huge varieties of courses, UNIUYO offers about 89 courses. How does one pick an ideal course suitable for him/her in the midst of so many-and you have just a few more weeks to pick the one that would ultimately become your career. Relax it may not sound as scary as it looks!

Deciding which course is ideal for you is one of the most difficult and important choices you will ever have to make, this can be a life-changing choice, so it is not a good idea simply to go with what your teacher, friends or family suggest. There is also a  huge difference between a childhood dream and a dream remote jobs. If you dreamed of being a lawyer since the age of twelve, you better make sure you know exactly what how law students cope with the heavy study workload and highly structured study routine.

Picking an IDEAL course involves the following process:

Self Awareness

The first stage of Career Choice is Self Awareness. This involves looking at your SKILLS and  INTERESTS  and analyzing where your strengths and weaknesses lie. This can easily be done by checking the approved subject combination here.

It is also of utmost importance to have the correct subject combination and grades that reflects the course you are opting for so as to boost your chances of getting admission.

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What you enjoying doing

Apparently, an important aspect in picking  a career to consider what you enjoy doing.  Do you prefer analytical work, such as maths or science, or are you more on the creative or artistic side? Do you enjoy things like researching, planning or reading or do you prefer more practical, physical tasks that allow you to use your hands to build, create or fix things? Perhaps you enjoy helping people or maybe you’ve shown a flair for being organized and methodical. Do you enjoy working as part of a team or individually, or are there certain demographics that appeal to you (children, the elderly or animals, for instance)?

Are there jobs that match your career path?

Nigeria is still an import-driven nation, and a consuming nation. it’s time to really explore the possibilities and realities. There are sparse employment in the technological sector compared to other sectors in the country. 

How much study are you prepared to do?

When it comes to choosing a career, you need to consider how much study you’re willing to do to achieve your end goal. Start by reading the job profiles you’ve found in the career search and exploring the ins and outs of your desired fields of study — there are 30 to explore, from accounting to veterinary science.  Some occupations may have no formal requirements and provide on-the-job training to successful applicants; others take on apprentices or trainees and offer employment through these routes. At the other end of the spectrum, if you’re considering a career in fields like architecture, medicine or law, you’re looking at several years of university study with compulsory periods of practical experience and strict accreditation requirements.

You’ll be studying for at least four years, so one of the most important things is to ensure you pick a course that you will find interesting.



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