Top 4 Bad Habits of Students

1) To do everything at the last moment.
“I have time to do it at last minute”. This is perhaps the most common and harmful habit of the student. By Its nature, it has the same roots as lazy, disorganization and unconscientiousness. We look forward to the inspiration and breakthrough, but in such situation we can earn nothing despite troubles. Moreover – it is stress. We cannot sense it in youth, but the principle “everything at the last minute” can become a bad habit also in the adulthood. Learn how to do all the work, for example, to 9 pm the day before the deadline.

2) To use a caffeine as a permanent stimulant and solution to all problems.
One cup of coffee or a bottle of Red Bull can work wonders in a hopeless situation helping the body to beat his own fatigue and perform cosmic amounts of work. Caffeine in large amounts will act vice versa. You will find yourself in worrying, precarious and unhealthy situations and you will be not concentrating. If you find it difficult to focus yourself on something, it is better to do a couple of exercise. The 30-minute training several times a week will return mood, sleep, attention and ability to work.

3) To work all night long.
The vigil is a malignant “brother” of the work until the last minute, and an overdose of coffee. As a rule, it looks brilliant idea: due to the lack of sleep you get 12 additional hours for working … But when you are exposing the audit the results of your night work the next day, you immediately are horrified by the number of typos, spelling and formulations with no sense. At the same time, all next day you want to sleep and you’re feeling disgusting. Of course, there are some circumstances when the work takes longer than it was planned, or something can go wrong at the last minute. But unless you’re not one of those crazy night”people-owls” who sleep all day and work best at three o’clock, do not rely on night wakefulness.

4) To study and at the same time to be in social networks.
We all do in such way when we have a lot of work, and we know that it will take more than a few hours.Then we want to make this process as fun as it is possible. There are many different ways to achieve this.You can schedule a meeting for a snack and a cup of coffee, or you can finish reading the abstract, sitting on a bench in the courtyard and so on. But combining studying and social networking is a bad idea. So we dissipate our attention, lose our thoughts and distractions instead to concentrate and work productively and efficiently. This may seem a good way to make the process of working less stressful, but this solution will prevent really to focus and get to the heart of the matter. You will need more time to solve certain problems, and the final conclusions will be of inferior quality. Try to work alone for 3-4 hours in a row without being distracted by anything and you’ll wonder how much you have done, how good are the results and how much more time you can spend now on recreation and entertainment. After graduating from university you will need job.


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