Free University of Uyo,UNIUYO Direct Entry Past Questions and Answers

Free Uniuyo 2013 Direct Entry Past Questions and Answers.

update: Uniuyo 2016 Direct Entry Screening Form
The Uniuyo Direct Entry Sample Past Questions and Answers for the 2013/2014 Session is in portable Document Format (PDF). It can be viewed on computer system or a high level smart phone.

Click on the corresponding subjects below to download the respective Uniuyo Direct Entry Past Questions and Answers

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Literature
  • Geography
  • Chemistry
  • Economics

Still working on the free Samples for the Uniuyo Direct Entry. More Subjects will be uploaded in due course. To get the latest news concerning the 2013 Uniuyo Direct Entry Examination –
To get the complete Uniuyo Direct Entry Past Questions(2008 – 2012)


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