Tips for Uniuyo Post UTME Candidates

This is something I wrote last year for Uniuyo Aspirants. I hear it was quite helpful to some folks. I’m sharing it with you cuz I care. I’m sure you all know that by now.

 Just had to put these tips for y’all. Hope it helps!

  • The Exam will last for about 2 hours. 1 hour for accreditation and the other hour for the actual Exam
  • The Screening Exercise will hold at the University of Uyo, Town Campus and Annexe on the specified dates.
  • Examination venues and time will also be displayed at the gates again.
  • 100 questions will be set in the Exam, 25 questions from each subject. Each questions will carry 4 marks
  • Forget not your Four (4) recent passport-size photographs on red background (same photograph as the
    one used for the on-line registration)
  • Ensure your name and signature written on the reverse side of your passport
  • Priority should be given to those subjects you are best at. (Consider speed  + accuracy)
  • I know I said the duration of the Exam is one hour but stories has been told of departments whose booklet were collected 40mins into the Exam. Be sharp
  • No GSM handsets, calculators or any other extraneous materials should be brought into the
    screening halls. 
  • The Result of the Exam will be released sometime in late September.
  • Just because you’re an aspirant does not mean you should take advice from any Tom, Dick and Harry who happens to be a student of Uniuyo already. Learn to think for yourself.. 
  • 20554 is the Akwa Ibom state emergency number. Stay safe!
  •  Commissioner of police phone number – 08022900345
  •  Anti Robbery contact – 07031513787

Answer Booklet (OMR Sheet)

The University of Uyo 2015 Aptitude test will be written on an OMR sheet. 
The Optical mark recognition (OMR) is the piece of paper on which your Exams details and answers will be entered on that day. Handling the OMR sheet incorrectly can fail you. Follow this guidelines below to while handling the Uniuyo Post UTME OMR sheet(Answer booklet).

  •  Make sure your name and Jamb registration number are correctly shaded
  • While shading, Ensure you shade the small rectangles completely
  • Use HB pencil (Seriously, Use HB)
  • Mark your Answer only in the appropriate space against the answer number corresponding to the question you are answering.
  • Do not not rumple, fold or squeeze the sheet.
  • Do not press hard on the sheet while shading the answer.
  • Ensure the OMR sheet is completely flat at all times.
  • Come to the Exam hall with an hanky. Sweaty hands can destroy your future…

I wish you guys the best… While you are resting your brain after
weeks of study. If you do start having doubts about your ability to
compete against hundreds of other aspirants and come out successful.
Here is what you should do; listen to Deriso by Chris (4MB) with an headphone preferably. And just Believe. Everything will will be fine. Trust me!

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