Will UNIUYO Post UTME Candidates Be Given Calculator?

So Many candidates, including, UNIUYO candidates, who chatted with me via phone call asked this particular question if the University of Uyo management will provide calculator to candidates who will write UNIUYO Post UTME examination.

The answer to this question is absolute “NO”.

What you should rather ask is, do UNIUYO allow candidates to use calculator in post UTME hall?

The answer to this question too is absolute “NO”

We earlier write on the nature of UNIUYO Post UTME Examination (click here), which highlighted almost everything you will expect on the day of your examination at the University of Uyo.

Listen attentively, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO USE CALCULATOR in the examination hall!

So, if you are writing for subjects that will demand for calculations like mathematics, physics, chemistry, it’s advisable to start now to practice those simple calculations you will think will come up in the examination.

One of my best advice to UNIUYO candidates is to pick the UNIUYO post UTME past questions and answers (click here to get it now and start reading). UNIUYO has a way of repeating their past questions according to candidates who have written their post UTME examination in previous times.
We wishing you success in your preparation! 


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