How to Register for Uniuyo Supplementary

Yesterday, I gave you a step by step guide on Paying the Uniuyo Acceptance fee online.

Been receiving lots of requests to do something similar for Uniuyo Supplementary Registration.

This is it:

How to Register for the 2016 uniuyo Supplementary Online – Using remita platform.

I hope you find it useful.

step 1

Go to the Uniuyo Eportal by clicking here

(Use a laptop or desktop computer)

step 2:

Click on the Post UTME Suppl. menu. => Create Account

creat supplementary account


step 3:

Enter your Jamb reg number, Click on Create Account

On the page that loads up. Click on CARD OPTIONS => Enter your Jamb Reg No => Pay Via eCard



step 4:

Copy down the rrr number. Then click on Pay via Ecard


step 5:

Click on eInvoice to download.

(You can take this eInvoice to the Bank and make payment)

Then click on eCard

uniuyo suppl e card


step 6:

A remita page should load up in a new tab. Click on Pay an Electronic Invoice


Enter your rrr number and continue….

step 7:

Select your card from the Nigeria Card Options – it’s at the right hand side of the page.

Enter your card details in the space provided.uniuyo-supp-card-details


step 8:

An OTP is sent to your mobile phone associated with the ATM.

Enter the six digit PIN in the space provided. And hit enter.

A payment successful page should load up.



step 9:

Go back to the uniuyo Eportal

Click on the Post UTME Suppl menu. => Login

Enter your rrr number in the space provided… And hit verify



step 10:

Go back to the Post UTME Suppl menu => Registration Form

Hit the Next button => Hit Next Again


step 11:

Select Faculty and Department you’re supplementing for.

Hit the Next button



step 12:

Click on submit form


step 13


On the page that loads. Click on Print e slip


that’s all… I wish you Luck….


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