How to Pay 2016 Uniuyo Acceptance fee

Here is a quick guide on how to pay for the Uniuyo Acceptance fee using the remit platform.

Just carefully follow the step images as you do yours.

Use a desktop or laptop computer please.

It’ll be a lot easier.


step 1: 

go to

step 2:

On the page loads up; Click your mouse to the post utme option on the left hand side of the page.



step 3:

A drop down menu falls down upon clicking the post utme tab. Click the the “Pay Acceptance Fee” option as shown in the image above.


step 4:

In the page that loads up. Hit “CARD OPTION” >> Enter Your Jamb Reg Number >> Click on “Pay Via Card



step 5:

Your acceptance fee rrr should show up in the new page. Please  copy it down.

Hit the orange coloured Pay Via eCard button.


step 6:

Click on the the eInvoice link to download Uniuyo Acceptance fee invoice.

Then click on the eCard button to proceed.



step 7:

Upon clicking the eCard – A remita page loads up. Click on the Pay an Electronic Invoice tab #see image below. Let me give you a tip, you can also hire the services of wagga wagga ndis to pay the invoices for you.



step 8:

Enter that rrr number you copied down previously. Hit enter… And wait for the new page to load up.

Select your card from the Nigerian Local Cards.

rrr invoice


step 9:

Just enter your Debit card details in the spaces provided. I’m using a MasterCard. There might be slight difference in the platforms.



step 10:

You see a transaction loading page….  And an OTP(one time password) is sent to your phone.

Enter the code in the space provided. Then Hit the submit button



step 11:

After a few seconds.

A success page should show up.



step 12:

Click on that Print e-Receipt Button to print out your Uniuyo Acceptance fee receipt.

That’s all.


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