Why Uniuyo Is Still Silent On 2016/2017 Post Utme Admission

Why Uniuyo Is Still Silent On 2016/2017 Post Utme Admission

Why Uniuyo Is Still Silent On 2016/2017 Post Utme Admission

While I was brainstorming for a suitable title for this post, that would not only address your growing concerns as potential freshers (believe me, I have been in your shoes), but will also stem the growing tide of impatience and near-paranoia on the part of aspirants. I almost picked: ‘ Why are freshers impatient on the issue of admission‘, but I did not want to sound arrogant, chesty and ruthless becauseĀ  I know what it feels like to seat at home bored all day and worry about the next step of in academic pursuits and with the latest intricacies and theatrics by ‘ever-clueless Jamb’ and our dysfunctional government, the situation has no less worsened.

Now, what I mean is that you have every right to be worried, apprehensive, tensed and nervous regarding the status of your admission given the present state of things, but do not let that erode the overarching principle of sensibilities and the belief and faith in yourself.

As I type these words, some federal universities have released their screening templates or admission procedures i.e post utme and candidates, regardless of whether they have been posted by Jamb or not are invited to take part in the process of admission. Uniuyo, we strongly believe, would not be an exception.

The posting by Jamb does not replace admission list, which is the penultimate stage before final clearance. One who has been posted might still fail to gain admission, if he does not scale through whatever screening process the university might choose to adopt. The university still have discretion to determine who becomes their student or not.

Probably, the university is still devising standard admission screening process, that would not only guarantee the entry of quality and intelligent students, but also ensure fairness and equity for all and sundry. This might take time, but it is for a good cause.

So, I implore each and every aspirants of uniuyo to exercise patience, and prepare efficiently for the screening; gather the ‘gatherables’ that include documents and certificates and skim through their textbooks. Last year post-utme was marred by mass failure and disappointments because aspirants were so concerned about the actual date for post utme exercise at the expense of their textbooks . To avoid a repetition of such dismal performance, start preparation now. ‘The best way to start a long journey is to begin early’, my teacher always chant.

I wish you only success in the coming days, as each day herald the possibility of a new screening date.


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