Important Update for Uniuyo Direct Entry Aspirant

Uniuyo Direct Aspirants who had written the Direct Entry Examination for Last Year and Year before would agree that the Question pattern was quite different from what the direct entry print out had promised.

For instance, Last year, An Aspirant(Johnson) who happens to be a friend of mine was going  for an Engineering course, Petroleum Engineering. He was made to believe
(according to the official Uniuyo Direct Entry Print Out) that he would be writing English, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics on the day of the 2012 Uniuyo Direct Entry Screening.

On the day of the Examination, Johnson and a lot of other Uniuyo Direct Entry Candidates were very shocked when the question booklet that was giving to him contained one hundred  questions consisting of 70% English Language and 30% General Knowledge.

He had spent the night before his Exam trying to convince me that the Area under a curve is more accurately calculated using an Integral than a differential. He believed that talking Calculus was a good way to prepare for an Engineering Examination. It seemed like a nice idea at then. He couldn’t be more wrong.

To his amazement, there was no mathematics, nor physics, nor chemistry among the questions served on that day. He felt bad, He wished someone had told him that this same scenario had played out the previous year(2011). Long story short, He performed poorly in the screening.

I just registered him for that very Exam again. I have given him the past questions that were used for 2010, 2011 and 2012 Exam. I believe he will be successful this time. and I hope he doesn’t stumble on this post.

I hope It will not be too late when you stumble on this post. The information on this page will influence the outcome of your Uniuyo Direct Exams to a large extent.  If Mr Johnson had seen something like this like last year, I’m positive that his story would have been different.
I hope that this post will help you prepare adequately for your Examination.
I wish you the very best.

Uniuyo Post UTME Past Questions


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