Checking the 2013/2014 Uniuyo Admission List

 That the Uniuyo 2013/2014 Admission List will not be out today or tomorrow does not necessarily mean it will be delayed till eternity. As I am talking to you right now, the list is being processed and will
be released as I said, after all validations have been completed.

  So, for the time being I want to get you acquainted with the formalities involved in checking the Uniuyo 2013/2014 Admission List. I believe this
will help you if not today, then later on.

  To Check/Confirm whether or not you’ve been admitted into The University of Uyo for the 2013/2014 academic session, candidates are to follow the Under-listed steps:

1. Go to the School. The List shall be pasted at the back of the CBN Auditorium, and that of Onyeama Ugochuku, Town Campus, Uniuyo.

2. There will be much crowd but you have to be vigilant. That doesn’t mean you have to choke someone’s eyes or yours. After all the lists shall be there for about one week, so why the rush ?
And what shall it profit a candidate if after much struggling and wounding of himself/herself, his/her name is not on the list? And what shall he/she give as an excuse!

3. Ok, First of All locate where your faculty is, and go to that side (CBN or Onyeama). Just ask someone and you’ll be well directed. Or get the Map from this site. Just locate your Department Under your Faculty and check from top to bottom.

3. On checking the Lists for your Department, you’ll see Jamb. Reg. Nums, PUME PINs, sex, States of Origin , serial Numbers and Names, starting with surnames. Serial Numbers are very Important after admission.

5. See if your Jamb reg. Number is there, and make sure its your real Jamb reg. Number. Confirm that with your Name, sex and state of Origin. If they are all yours, it means you’ve gotten admission, else it means you’ve not been admitted.

6. Now, if you’ve gotten admission Praise God and start preparing for the real task , but if unfortunately your name is not there, just wait for the supplementary form, buy it and apply. All hope is not lost, you still have a chance.

Credit: MyGstPapers

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